Goldschmiede & Juwelier Sofia Thiele

Conversion to LED

While renovating their premises, Goldschmiede & Juwelier Sofia Thiele – located in Grimma near Leipzig – decided to replace their conventional recessed luminaires with modern LED lights. Through the use of LEDs, a more efficient lighting is provided for the store, and the CRI>90 (colour rendering index) ensures a more accurate colour reproduction of the products. Since the existing lights had a larger diameter, the hole dimensions for the new LED lights were adjusted using a frame specially developed for this project. The following Intra lighting product was used:

Pipes RV

A range of recessed LED spots brings efficiency and customization together. With a wide choice of colour combinations, power options and sizes, Pipes R is a spot that can blend in discretely or become an eye catching element in the space. The concept of »Less is more« went beyond the design itself or the way a space is used. Each and every product component has been optimized to make the Pipes R highly efficient and affordable.

Date: 2016
Lighting design: K & R Lichtkonzept GmbH